Week beginning Monday 11th September.

We've all had a great week and I am sure all children are as tired as me!  The children have settled in really well and I am very proud to call them Greens!

In English next week we will be looking at images from texts and being detectives to decipher what they tell us about the story. 

Maths continues with place value as the children show what they know already so that planning can accurately fit their needs.

RE is Judaism and we start by looking at Moses and The Burning Bush story.

PE kicks off on Monday p.m so please ensure PE kits are in school.

The children had a drumming workshop today and those that were interested in lessons have brought slips home.  30 children showed an interest so there is a note in all bags!

Homework has been issued and needs to be returned by next Friday please.  Marked homework, along with the new homework will then be sent home again.  Please take all marked homework out otherwise I end up taking it home to mark each week when it has already been done - just trying to limit the number of bags to haul around!  It doesn't need to be kept unless you have a grand filing system at home and want to keep it.

A note went home today about the reading books so hope that has cleared up that query too. 

Clubs start next week so please ensure that your child knows what club they are doing and when as we are only given the register for the club that we run.

As well as the children being new to Green, Mr Conway is not only new to Green but new to the school too.  Please bear with him whilst he finds his feet.  I am aware there are a couple of notes in the contact books that haven't been initialled.  I will make sure that either I or Mr Conway initials each note that is in the contact books in future.  As I am sure you can imagine, the mornings are crazy as 30 children have a tale to tell from home so I may not look at every book but one or other of us will be checking them and acting upon them accordingly.  However, if it is something that you think I specifically need to know, please catch me at the end of the day where I will always be at the doors or pop in and ask the office to grab me before lessons start if it needs dealing with before the day begins.  If your child needs to be off at any point of the week for a medical appointment, please let the office know.

Congratulations to Lily who won our merit award in assembly.  Maxwell and Lily were our handwriting heroes and Sophie W was our pupil of the week in class.  Red table were are table winners.  A busy first week!

Have a great weekend.

Mrs Black

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