We had lots of fun last week getting to know all the new children in Orange class and settling into our new classrooms. This week we will be making a 'proper' start on the Year 1 curriculum, including starting all our new subjects that your children would not have had in Red Class.

English: In English we are starting our topic of 'On the Move' by looking at the story of Mr Gumpy's Motorcar. We will be learning about the main parts of a story (characters, setting, etc) and using illustrations from the story to help us to write our own captions. We will be focussing on using our sounds to help with spellings, practicing our letter formation and recapping when we use capital letters, finger spaces and full stops. We might even be having a visit from Mr Gumpy himself!

Maths: In Maths we are continuing with place value. We will be helping all children to recognise and count numbers 0-20 (and beyond for some!). We will be practicing the language of more and less and continuing to practice matching numeral to quantity. These basic foundations in Maths are vitally essential for what is to come so we will be ensuring that your children have 'mastered' the basics in place value. We will be using lots of different resources to help with this and will be continuing to practice our number formation - look out for the packs in your children's book bags to help with practice of this at home.

Science: This week we start our Science topic. Weather permitting we will be outside exploring different types of plants in the school grounds and looking at their similarities and differences.


Art: In Art this term we are looking at portraits. We will be starting the topic by looking at some famous portraits and learning about the different ways in which artists 'make marks' to create their pictures.

Phonics: Phonics starts in earnest this week. At first your children will stay in their classes for phonics as we recap Phase 3 and start Phase 4 of the Letters and Sounds Programme. Towards the end of this term we will begin to group for phonics so that your children have the benefit of smaller groups and phonics tailored to their needs. Phonics is a big focus in Year 1 so if you would like any more information please ask your class teacher. There will be the chance to attend a phonics afternoon later on in the school year. (Details to follow).

Guided reading: At the end of the school day we always try to make time for a story in Orange class. Sometimes the teacher reads the story, sometimes we listen to a story and sometimes we watch a story. The more different types of language and books your children hears the more it helps with their own reading and understanding. This term we will also be introducing whole class guided reading to the end of the school day. This means rather than just listening to a story your children will get a chance at helping to read the story. The focus will be not only on reading but also on understanding of new vocabulary and a deep understanding of the story or text.


We will also continue with PE and Handwriting this week and start our RE, ICT and Geography topics of the term.

Mathletics and Bug Club should be fully functioning by the end of the week. If your Bug Club books have not been updated yet please do not worry, we are on the case! More details about how best to use Bug Club and Mathletics next week.

Don't forget if you have had confirmation that your child(ren) is attending a club this term they start this week.

Please remember if you have any worries or queries to pop a note in your child's contact book and your class teacher will get back to you. Contact books are checked every day for important messages.

Have a good week!

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