Week beginning 11th September.

A new year has begun and already we're into almost full swing, with most of the missing pieces being put into place this week. Our English work is being informed by a mini historical topic revolving round a coloured sketch produced in the 1580s which shows the untimely demise of Mary, Queen of Scots. We've already looked at the context and background of that picture, analysed  a modern day recount looking for how vocabulary can identify the writer's point of view and carried out some grammar work by re-ordering sentences in order to change the position of subordinating conjunctions, introducing/removing a comma as a result. More reading and analysis will follow this week, with a little bit of drama - including a conscience corridor - before we attempt to convey the run-up to the pictured scene from two different points of view. Maths at the start is revolving/will revolve around issues of place value and includes Roman numerals, multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1000, rounding, comparing and ordering numbers and counting backwards and forwards in powers of 10. Regular tables chanting will also feature in order to boost recall speed. Mrs. Walker will take the class for the first Science lesson of the year this week and Mrs. Julier will extend her teaching of tenets of the Jewish faith and re-acquaint everyone with this year's aspects of Music and French teaching. Mrs. Castle will also begin Computing lessons, as she will throughout the school this year and Mrs. Campbell has already begun her delivery of the first Geography topic, the composition of the United Kingdom. History this week will build on our drama work of last week and look in more detail at the arrival of the Saxons in England, the reasons and the consequences, and we will try to squeeze a bit of Art in order to look further at the 3D Pop Art of Charles Fazzino. P.E.will feature some circuit training and, weather permitting, netball.

If I am not mistaken, after-school clubs will get underway this week too and a brief glance at lists suggests take up has been good.

Here's to a productive term.

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