Come hail or shine, our May Day celebrations will take place this Friday - the 27th.

Fingers crossed for some sunshine on Friday, so that Amelia can be crowned the 2016 May Queen outside on a hopefully transformed MUGA (multi-use games area). However, if the rain clouds do appear, fear not, as our annual event will move to the school hall, where it will be a bit of a squeeze, but I'm sure we will manage.

As you might expect, there will be a lot of dance practice this week, though it has to be said that the 4 dances we have learned so far are coming along well. This week will see us add Four-in-Hand to our repertoire with a little help from some nimble footed year 5s. Wish us luck and we look forward to showing off our talents on Friday.

The other main focus this week will be writing, as we are fast approaching the annual moderation of year 6 writing; as explained at Parent Consultations, this year, the children's writing will be measured against fairly tough standards, so the children are doing everything they can to show that they can accurately include the objectives in a variety of different texts. On Monday we will put the finishing touches to our letters, then it is on to instructional writing.

The children may have told you about our enterprise challenge, which starts on June 6th. With an initial input of £5 each (from Virgin Money), the children will (mostly in groups) create a small business and try to make as much profit as possible in a 4 week period by making/selling products and/or services. Further details will be sent home soon in case you haven't been told about it.

REMEMBER! Tuesday is a no uniform day for Violet Class as a reward for their amazing attendance this term - WELL DONE!


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