A big thank you to Mr Gumpy who visited Orange Classes last week. We had lots of fun (if a little cold!) looking at his car and finding out just how many animals could fit inside it!

This week we will be focussing on capital letters and full stops in Orange Class. We remember these as our pants and socks! We always put our pants on first and our socks on last, just like our sentences where we remember to put capital letters at the start and punctuation at the end. As part of this we will be recapping capital letter formations and making sure we can match each lower case letter to its capital letter.

In Maths we will be looking at counting backwards from 20 and one more and one less. We will also be continuing to practice our number formation and for those that still need it, learning our teen numbers.

We will be continuing our Science by looking at trees this week. Fingers crossed for good weather so we can explore the trees outside! If the British weather does not accommodate we will be doing our bark rubbing and tree identification from the warmth of the classroom.

In Geography we will be looking at aerial images in preparation for our map work. What is an aerial image? How is it different to others and why might they be useful? We will even have a go at drawing aerial images of classroom objects.

We will be continuing with RE, ICT and PE and beginning to spend a little more time on our phonics, reading and guided reading. (We are currently recapping Phase 3 and Phase 4 in phonics lessons - see our phonics resources folder for more details. (No new sounds in phase 4 but some new 'tricky words' and practice at consonant blends).

By now you should have all received your child's Bug Club and Mathletics passwords in their contact books. If you have not received them or have any problems logging on please let your class teacher know. These are fantastic resources designed to support your child's in-school learning.

With Mathletics your teacher will set tasks based around the learning that has taken place in class. It is a fantastic resource for practicing mathematical skills through fun games.

Bug Club is designed to supplement the reading books your child takes home each week. We know that your children love to read and sometimes read the books sent home from school quickly. By logging on to Bug Club your children can access many more books of a similar level to read. Your class teacher will open up online access to more books as the term goes on. Again, please do let us know if you have any problems logging-on to your child's page.

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