With the 11+ done and dusted, we are almost running at full steam ahead in year 6. A little chattiness to address but all is looking good for a successful year.

This week we will complete our Dunkirk diaries with a real push on adding detailed description and avoiding comma splices and 'running on' - hopefully your children can explain what this means if you are unsure. Talking of which, Mr Ingram's grammar workshop for parents is on Tuesday this week, and in it he will explain the terminology used in Keystage 2. It starts at 2.30pm and I highly recommend attending.

In maths we are coming to the end of our Place Value/Number unit so after learning about negative numbers and multiplying/dividing by 10, 100 and 1000 at the beginning of the week, we will move onto our 4 operations unit starting with addition and subtraction.

A reminder that there is a Secondary Transfer meeting next Monday at 2.45pm and in it  I will explain the application process for a secondary school place and the timings involved. This meeting is especially useful if you have not yet had a child move on to secondary school.  

School Open Days and Evenings start shortly and we have sent home details of those we have been advised about, however not all schools let us know the details so the best place to check if you are unsure, is each individual school's website. Year 6 pupils are allowed reasonable time out of school to attend Open Days but we ask that you advise us via the contact book of any that you wish to attend. Thank you



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