Oops! We forgot to send your homework home today!

If you are looking for work to do over the weekend we have released some more mathletics and bug club so please do access these. In particular we have been working on one more, one less in class so the mathletics which practice this is a good starting point. The homework will go home on Monday which will be focusing on capital letters - matching capital to lower case letters and letter formations. Remember you have a week from when the homework is set till it is due - so it does not need to be back in till the following Monday.

This week we will be using the book 'Oi! Get off our train' as a starting point for our English lessons. As well as continuing to practice our capital letters, full stops and finger spaces we will be introducing nouns and verbs for the first time.

In Maths we have one more week of place value before moving on to addition and subtraction. This week we are looking at ordinal numbers (first, second etc), and recapping comparisons of numbers including the introductions of <>= symbols.

In Geography we are continuing to look at maps - this week having a go at making our own maps of Tunstall. 

In Science we will be sticking with the topic of trees and focusing on evergreens and deciduous trees. This week we learnt how to identify oak, sycamore and beech trees - see if your children can spot them when your out and about!

In Art we will be looking again at portraits - this week investigating portraits created the profile and having a go at drawing each other.

In Music we are continuing to learn about pitch and tempo and in RE continuing to learn about miracles.

All of this plus PE and on Friday we will be visiting Tunstall Church to find out more about the building and some of its stories.

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