Week beginning Monday 25th September 2017

A huge thank you to the lovely birthday cards that some of the children made and brought in.  I have had a fantastic day made better by it being a weekend and no early rise!

This week in English we will be writing an alternative story to Rama and Sita as we continue our traditional tales and folklore topic.  The children have got some great ideas and we had some weird and wacky alternative animals in their re-writing of The Tiger Child.

Maths moves on to column addition, which we successfully tackled last week, but this time it is carrying over to the 10s and 100s which is always a notoriously tricky concept for the children to grasp.  Hopefully with the amount of work on place value that we have done the children will understand why we 'carry over'.

We will be starting to design our headdresses in Art ready for the assembly part the week after.  Could you all have a rummage in 'that' box or drawer for things the children could adorn their headdress with please?  Buttons, ribbons, off cuts of material, anything that we could use for a hat or headdress would be great please.

Science is looking at magnets again and what materials they can still attract through.

Please have all Christmas card designs in by Monday as we will be sending them off to the printers and I do not think we can accept any later entries.

Congratulations to Harriet who was our pupil of the week.  Big cheers for Ethan who won the merit award in assembly for being an excellent role model to the rest of the class.  Noah was our handwriting hero of the week, Eden gained the much anticipated pen license and last but not least, Green table were our table winners.  My prize tub is now well and truly in need of a restock!


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