Week beginning 25/09/17.

This week, we will re-start the long trek towards perfection in grammar and punctuation. We will start by unpacking the types of sentences that get practised in "Themed Sentences" homeworks and also review and extend word classes. So, terminology will be flowing, with the class hopefully being able to tell a concrete from an abstract noun and a personal from a possessive from a relative pronoun.

Maths moves now from all types of place value to addition and subtraction, incorporating decimal numbers, what to do when subtracting from a row of noughts and answering worded questions in context. The new Mathletics system seemed to work well (a proper anaalysis will happen on Monday) as we aim to tie it more tightly to the class curriculum.

We will maintain our focus on plugging spelling gaps and further develop vocabulary and comprehension skills through more whole class reading.

History will concern itself with where and how the Saxons lived - prior to the construction of a model village - and we will try to fit in a first thirty minutes of "buddy time" in order to allow the bonding and supporting to develop.

Routines are just about established...though, for two weeks' running, there hasn't been a full homework-returned-on-time-if-at-all from a small selection of children. Written expectations were issued in week one; maybe this week everyone will live up to them...

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