Week 4 challenge:Eradicating splicing and running on.

Our Dunkirk diaries successfully captured the feelings of those soldiers waiting to be rescued, with some excellent description demonstrated. However they also highlighted the incorrect use of commas to separate independent clauses (splicing) and in some cases, running on - the complete lack of commas or any other form of punctuation! This week's English will therefore focus on getting this right more frequently. In the next few weeks we will be using The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas for our reading and writing lessons. Like The Little Ships it is set in World War II, but this time in Germany. 

In maths, assessment has indicated that addition and subtraction skills are mainly secure, with the exception of decimal numbers with varying numbers of decimal places, so this is where we shall start before moving on to correcting a few technical errors/misconceptions with long multiplication and finally tackling (and mastering!) long division. The methods to be used are clearly laid out in the National Curriculum so although some children have learnt alternative methods, we shall focus on the 'official' ones. Be prepared for wailing and moaning (and that's just from me).

The week starts with some 'getting to know each other' buddy time which, weather permittting, will include a nature walk around the school grounds. Hopefully trainers will be in school for this!!

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