Week beginning 02/10/17.

We are about half-way through our first English grammar and punctuation input which is forming the backbone of English lessons this year. Specifically we will focus on the use of relative pronouns and relative clauses this week (and the attendant use of commas) leading to a piece of independent writing which will show if both expanded noun phrases and essential sentence punctuation are being used with greater precision.

Similarly, we are half-way through the expansion of knowledge and use of addition and, more importantly this week, subtraction and the focus will be on both decimals and worded problems - including what to do with the age-old issues of "lop-sided" numbers and strings of zeros in the upper line.

Having diverted last week's History lesson to take in a practical investigation into evidence of Saxon settlement vis place names, we will look properly at buildings, villages and village life this week, which will in turn feed into Friday's written homework. It is the aim to reach a point this week at which the children can artistically arrange their cityscape skyscraper images this week, producing a 3D effect.

On Thursday we will be hosting an anti-racism workshop provided by the Kick It Out organisation (via the FA) which will occur at different times throughout the day in all KS2 classes.

That's it for now...but I may see some of you in a couple of hours at the Tunstall Church Harvest Festival when the choir will be performing a couple of freshly-learnt John Rutter hymn arrangements (in unison, at this early stage in the year) as part of a temporary send-off to the church before roof repairs are undertaken!

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