Alongside preparation for our Harvest Festival, next week we will be focusing on simple addition in maths and writing sentences using verbs and nouns in English.

We are looking forward to welcoming some of you to our open afternoons. During these afternoons, we will be trying our hand at turning number bonds into addition number sentences through the use of games and manipulatives. Come along and be taught the methods by your children! Thank you to those who have sent back their slips. If you have not already, please do send them back so we can plan for numbers in the classrooms. Our classrooms get very warm when full of people so please wear layers!

Orange A should now have their words for Harvest (if they have them) stuck in their contact books. Please do practise this with your children at home and thank you to those who have already done so - your children are sounding fantastic :-) In Orange A contact books, there is also a set of spellings. These are the spellings that we have identified as either ones your child needs to practice, or the next set of tricky words in phonics. We will be practising in class but every little bit helps, so if you have 5 mins, do have a look at these. We do not do spelling tests in Year 1 but do expect to see taught 'tricky words' spelt correctly in their writing.

Have a lovely week!

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