Week beginning Monday 9th October 2017

We are looking forward to seeing lots of parents return to the classroom this week for our open afternoons on Tuesday and Thursday.  You'll be learning Science on Tuesday and Geography on Thursday!

We start our non-chronological reports on Monday in English where the children will be learning about the features of these styles of reports.  They learnt what chronological meant today!

Maths sees us finishing off the column method of subtraction with word problems, estimation and no doubt some maths investigations involving subtraction on Friday.

We are going to attempt to make compasses in Science to show the children that even the earth has a magnetic earth but we failed miserably at this last year so keep everything crossed!

We will start constructing our headdresses on Monday but are still desperate for things to put on them!  Thank you to Bodi for the pot of buttons which will be very useful.

I am sure you are all enjoying having recorders in the house.  A couple of parents were called on Thursday to bring in forgotten recorders.  Apologies for this as we now do have a couple of spares if they are forgotten in future.

Congratulations to Pade who won our merit award in assembly this week.  Pade  is always a happy chap and a great member of Green Class.  Our pupil of the week was Lucy, table winners were White table and our handwriting heroes were Freddie and Noah (we did not have time to give out the class awards so please keep it a secret from your little people until Monday!)

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