This week we look forward to welcoming some of our grown-ups into our classrooms as we explore Space!

This week our learning will be inspired by Space! We will come in on Monday morning to find that something or someone may have visited our classroom over the weekend and they may have left us some clues. They may have also left us some activities to do in our classroom!

We will be writing in moon sand, strengthening our fingers with some astronaut training fine motor activities, making Space related repeating patterns, making our own name rockets and much more! 

This week we will also begin our Phonics teaching. We use Letters and Sounds for our Phonics teaching and we will begin learning the Phase 2 sounds. This week we will be introducing 's', 'a', 't', and 'p'. We will practise hearing these sounds at the beginning of words, spotting them in books and our environment and forming them using a variety of resources. 

This week we also look forward to welcoming our grown-ups into our classrooms. We are sure the children will be keen to show you lots of different things around our classrooms. We will also have lots of space-themed activities out for you to try with your children. Just a reminder of the note we sent home on Friday, if you would like to make a space rocket when you visit, please bring a kitchen roll tube- we will provide the rest of the materials! 

We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible!

ReturnOct 7, 2017