Week beginning 09/10/17.

...along come prepositional phrases and other forms of adverbials to be subsumed into them. So, some more phrase and sentence building tasks and games this week which will build on our use of adjectives and relative clauses in order to cram value and, more importantly, PRECISION into noun phrases and sentences, allowing the creators to change mood and tone through word and phrase choices. Another piece of independent writing will follow this work

We're breaking out of number work in Maths for a fortnight to do some statistics tasks, starting this week with line graphs - interpretation, creation, accurate reading of varying scales, that sort of thing.

We will try to complete our 3D cityscape work in Art, ready for the two open afternoons this week, and hopefully construct a simple model of an Anglo-Saxon village too. Friday will see our second round of "buddy-time" (30 minutes, once a fortnight, spent with YR buddies, in case you are wondering) and we will also start preparing a short presentation for Harvest Festival which takes place next week and, maybe, incorporate a piece of related music too, if there is time.

We all hope to see those of you available on a Tuesday or Thursday afternoon at 2.30 for a wander in our world.

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