Week beginning 16/10/17.

Fluffy mashed potato I get. I'm just not sure that anyone would be attracted, tastebuds-wise, to fluffy cauliflowers but we'll still sing about them on Friday at Harvest Festival. Mind you, I've never associated harvest time with a samba either, nor indeed asked a carpenter to make me a tree so perhaps I'm being too fussy...or too literal...or perhaps these are every day occurences and desires and I don't get out enough. Anyway...should you be attending, please remember it will take place in the school's main hall as the church is temporarily out of action.

In the more prosaic world of the classroom, our next statistics topic is timetables (which necessarily incorporates time duration) so lots of counting to and through the sixty barrier as opposed to the 100 barrier which always causes confusion for some, but hopefully we'll be there by week end. More sentences incorporating expanded noun phrases, relative clauses and finite verbs for one more week as we compose physical descriptions of people and construct a prose-poem to express feelings through writing metaphors that bring the finite verb into the relative clause. Mrs. Walker will be bringing life cycles to a conclusion, Mrs. Julier will complete those Jewish rites of passage and a few bits of the curriculum (Art, P.E., Geography and History) will make way for preparation of our harvest presentation and musical performance and indeed the service itself.

I hope that those of you able to visit us last Tuesday and Thursday afternoons found life to your taste and/or satisfaction and trust you will let me know if anything is amiss or concerning you. I won't write again until after the autumn break...so please enjoy the intervening (homework-free) week. Thank you.

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