Ate or eated? Bought or buyed? Sleeped or slept? 

We cannot believe that our first term in Yellow Class is almost complete. We have learnt so much and settled well into our new Year 2 lives.

In our final week we will be perfecting our ability to answer 'How many more?' question about data in graphs. We have had great fun collecting and inputting data into graphs last week. We have also spent time reading the graphs and answering questions but questions like 'How many more children chose bananas than apples?' have proved to stump us a little. Then we will revise what we already know about 2D and 3D shapes before we return after half term.

In English we will be focusing on past, present and future tense. It can be tricky to use the correct tense when speaking, let alone in our writing. So we hope that by the end of this week we will hear less 'I putted my book away.' or 'I eated all my lunch.', and more of 'I bought a new toy.' and 'I slept really well last night.'

We look forward to seeing lots of you on Friday morning at 9:30 (for Yellow R) or afternoon at 1:30 (for Yellow S) as we celebrate Harvest in the school hall. Please remember to donate any non-perishable foods and toys, our donation table is just outside the hall doors.

Special request: In preparation for a Christmas craft, please could you save all green and red milk bottle caps and send them into school. Please give them a rinse before sending them in (no one likes the smell on mouldy milk). Both Yellow Classes will have a collection pot for your child to put them in. Thank you!

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