Week beginning 30/10/17.

O.K. I've just experienced that moment when you think you're late waking up, only to realise that, although you've failed to be organised and adjust your clocks in advance, it's actually an hour earlier than you'd initially believed. Phew!

Hopefully my brain will have fully embraced this fact by tomorrow morning (Monday) and we will be off and running, starting a unit of work on multiplication and division, shifting our English focus to verb formation, consistency and tense, solving a spelling puzzle, undertaking some gym work and tackling a first bit of a new art topic revolving around still life.

We will be conducting assessments in the near future, checking up on what is sticking and what needs a little re-visit and, of course, homework will return on Friday - how my heart leaps!

I trust everyone had a good break and is ready to motor on again as from tomorrow...I imagine I'll find that out quickly enough. Enjoy the last day of the half-term.

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