We hope you have all had a good first week back in Orange Class and enjoyed your half term.

This week will be a little bit different to our normal weeks as we have our phonics afternoons on Tuesday and Wednesday (2pm onwards). At these afternoons parents and carers will be invited to  attend a short talk on Phonics, what it is, how it is taught and why we do it at school. Afterwards you will have a chance to visit your child's classroom to have a go at some phonics activities with them. We look forwards to seeing many of you at these afternoons. If you are unable to make it will be making much of the material covered available on the website. (Links provided next week).

On Monday Miss Adams will be out all day (so we will change reading books Tuesday) and Mrs Scargill will be out all day on Thursday. If you have messages for your class teachers on these days either pop them in the contact books or wait till the following day when they will be back in.

Whilst we will be off normal timetable Tuesday and Wednesday we will still be covering all our normal subjects during the week:

In English this week we are focussing on proper nouns. We will be learning about these through 'information' (non-fiction) books and linking it in to our History. In Maths we will be focussing on simple subtraction all week - moving from recording subtraction as visual representations to beginning to record it as a number sentence.

In History we are continuing to look at houses - this week looking at the houses in Tunstall - how can we tell which houses are older than others? In DT we are continuing to learn about moving picture books and how they work - this week we will be having a go at making our own sliding picture. Science will continue to look at different materials and their properties, ensuring that we have the vocabulary we need to describe the properties of a material. All of this plus we begin to practice our songs for our nativities, PE and RE.

Have a good week and see many of you for the phonics afternoons.

ReturnNov 4, 2017