Week beginning 06/10/17.

think I'm right in saying there is nothing "special" happening this week - no visitors, no rehearsals, no interruptions, just life as normal. Phew!

So, with what will we fill the week? After an assessment of metaphor creation skills on Monday, English lessons will start to focus on verb identification and selection. We will start with a bit of work to try to cement into people's heads that verbs are not merely "actions" but also, very importantly, include "to have" and "to be". In terms of extending verb vocabulary, we will undertake a task revolving around personification and another in which the children will be asked to classify verbs in terms of intensity. As the next few weeks roll by, we will look at the use of modal verbs, tenses, the subjunctive mood and active and passive voices, whilst maintaining a continuing focus on spelling patterns and reading comprehension skills. Maths this week will focus on multiplication: short first, then long, then incorporating decimals. Let's hope those times tables are up to it.

We will look more closely at sketching skills in art, complete our note-taking for our biography of Alfred the Great and attempt more intricate balances in gymnastics.

As said, nothing much to write home about...but plenty to do.

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