w/c November 6th

Only 4 days is school this week as we are Canterbury Cathedral bound on Thursday to celebrate with other local Church of England schools. For this trip, the children have been split into 3 groups for morning workshops: stained glass windows, drama and costume trail. No further details have been provided but they all sound enjoyable. In the afternoon we will participate in a prayer carousel (again in the 3 groups) and will finish the day off with a worship service. 

In literacy we are continuing with work based around our class novel Cosmic. This week we will be writing a letter  from the headteacher to Liam's parents,  following an incident on his first day in school. I'm sure the class will enjoy becoming headteacher for a day or two!

More fractions in maths this week though we're making good progress. We start the week with improper and mixed number revision then it's on to sequences, fractions on number lines and addition/subtraction.

On Wednesday it's Violet's turn for leading an assembly in front of the rest of the school. We've decided on a Remembrance theme with a link to this term's value - perseverance.

Once again some children will be involved in selling poppies, while others are helping at the community lunch - thank you in advance for your help!


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