There'll be lots of colour and creativity in Red Class this week! We also look forward to our Phonics afternoons!

This week in Red Class we will be talking about our experiences of watching fireworks, whether at home or at a display. We'll be thinking about all of our senses to help us describe our experiences to each other and also discussing the ways we stay safe when enjoying the fireworks.

We'll also be experimenting with a range of resources and materials in order to create our own firework pictures and artwork.

This week in Phonics we will introduce the new sound 'r' and work hard to practise and consolidate all of the sounds that we have learnt so far in Phase 2.

In Numeracy, with fireworks as inspiration, we will be talking about the concept of 'more' and adding one more to a given number.

On Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon we look forward to welcoming as many of you as possible back into the classrooms to show you some of the Phonics activities we do on a daily basis to practise our developing phonic skills.

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