This week in English we are learning to identify and use expanded noun phrases in our writing, and how to spell and use contractions. 

An expanded noun phrase adds more detail to a noun for example:


a noun: ball

a noun phrase: a ball

an expanded noun phrase: a blue, green, smooth ball 


We are also learning how to use commas to separate adjectives that are next door to each other and we are using actions to support our learning. We are very impressed with both Yellow classes engagement and progress so far - keep up the hard work Yellows! 


In maths we are developing our ability to measure using rulers. We are learning how many centimetres are in a metre and applying our ability to read measuring scales to help us work out SATs questions. 

Parts for the Key Stage One Nativity have been given out and singing rehearsals have already begun. The songs are very catchy and the children are excited to begin acting out the story. Please encourage your child to rehearse lines at home so that they can feel even more confident. 


In art we are exploring primary colours and artists who primarily use primary colours. We have been blow-painting pictures of fireworks after learning all about Guy Fawkes in history lessons.


This week we will be holding our phonics open afternoon, which we look forward to seeing a number of you at. 


The Yellow Class Reading Challenge has now begun, so in order to earn points your child needs to read at least 5 times a week. We look forward to seeing and hearing about the books the children have been reading. 


Kind Regards, 


Miss Spence and Miss Rogers



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