Week beginning 13th November

There are one or two distractions that may slightly hinder our learning this week, but the plan for English is to continue our learning with fables.  The comprehension side of things will be to investigate particular animals and their traits, while in grammar; we will be using extended and compound sentences.  In maths, it is multiplication and division pretty much until Christmas, starting this week with some mental strategies and doubling and halving.  Fridays will become a regular slot for the timed multiplication square to improve our recall of these facts, up to 12x12.

Elsewhere in the curriculum, we look at coastal defences in geography and, to link in with our pilgrimages learning, we look at Thomas a Beckett in RE.  In DT, we will practice ways to safely cut, slice and spread using knives and prepare a topped cracker/rice/oat cake.  Thank you to those who have returned the permission slip, but there are still one or two that need to be returned to allow your child to take part – duplicates have been given to those concerned.

A reminder that on Friday, the next group for swimming starts.  You have been informed if your child is involved and you have been asked to return a permission slip.  Please, if you are swimming, do not come in on Friday with face paints or hair dye, as The Swallows will not let you in the pool.

The distractions alluded to earlier include new entrants visits on Tuesday and Wednesday morning, a Staff Development Day on Thursday and Children in Need day and PTA Film Night on Friday.  Details of all these events have been sent to you via Parentmail, and also can be found elsewhere on this site.

Could we remind you all that the school is a nut free zone.  Please do not send the children in with anything that has even traces of nut in the ingredients, as we do have those with severe allergic reactions to such things.    

Finally, congratulations to Olivia who received our behaviour award last week.

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