For the rest of this term our topic will be 'Let's Celebrate'. This week we will be looking at birthdays and using the story 'Kipper's Birthday' by Mike Inkpen.

Over this week we will be using the story to inspire our writing as we will be writing invitations to a party on Monday! This is a chance for the children to have a go at writing and applying their growing phonics knowledge. We will also be using the book to help us understand the time words 'today', 'tomorrow' and 'yesterday'. On Wednesday we will be making mini birthday cakes and using this to help us with some instruction writing on Friday. 

In Phonics we will be learning some new sounds: e, u, h. We will also be looking at the tricky word 'the'. 

We have introduced 'Challenges' into our afternoon sessions to encourage the children to try new things and apply their knowledge. Each time a child completes a challenge they will earn a petal for their flower. If they earn 5 petals they will be entered into a prize draw to win a small prize. There are 6 challenges for over the whole week. 

1. Matching letters using sticks.

2. Matching rhyming pairs (using pictures).

3. Estimating how many objects are in the containers and then counting to check.

4. Counting how many pictures there are and pegging the correct number. 

5. Completing the Balloon Pop game on

6. Drawing a picture and recording something they are good at (we are sure there will be more than one thing!).

Please let us know if you have any questions about this and we can fill you in further. 

We will also be starting our Nativity practises and thinking about who will take some of our speaking roles. Look out for lines which may come home in book bags over the next couple of weeks.

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