and halves!

With a four day week we have lots to fit in! In maths this week we are doubling and halving numbers to 50. We are going to be playing lots of games and completing tasks that will help us learn some off by heart. Your homework for this week is Mathletics and one of the tasks includes doubling and halving, so Yellow Class members can explore this skill further.

During English lessons we have been learning all about apostrophes and contraction words such as: don't, it's, she's and he's. Now we are going to attempt to use them with a very similar looking piece of punctuation, the comma, for writing lists.

Both Yellow Classes have been welcoming new pupils to the year group, just in time for Nativity fun! All of the Year 2 staff are very proud of how welcoming our pupils have been. Well done!

On Friday we will be raising money for Children In Need, don't forget to wear spot and/or pyjamas! 

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