Week beginning 13/11/17.

After last week's "nothing to see here" attitude, a double whammy this week. An intrusive-but-couldn't-be-arranged-any-other-way staff development day on Thursday which means a somewhat random day off for the children and also two potential stints as tour guides to their own school for prospective parentsWe've done a bit of training and I think we're now collectively showing more of the social niceties which will help to showcase the school without going over the top on "selling". It's a case of being ourselves, answering everything with honesty and simplicity, presenting what we choose to share - they will do their school proud.

Teaching and learning-wise, in the more traditional sense, it's long multiplication week (so don't forget your zero) and verb-based work in English will begin with subject/verb agreement and proceed to tenses, especially recognising, naming and using progressive and perfect forms. It's not naturally exciting but it is very important in terms of both of the messages regarding consistency and actively-sought variation, whilst also being based around two beloved pieces of re-named terminology. In other areas of the curriculum we will start to build little sequences around our gymnastic towers and work to complete our biograhies of Alfred the Great, turning our notes into fully-grown sentences for the first time this year. Scarily, we also need to give a little bit of thought to the church Christmas tree, too, before the weeks skip by and we have nothing...

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