Not literally of course, but in our role as tour guides for prospective parents during open mornings (Tuesday and Wednesday), year 6 will be joined by year 5 to show off our fantastic school. Jack and Kate had a bit of a practice last week when showing an important visitor around and they did a great job so hopefully the rest of the class can follow in their footsteps.

We will of course be squeezing in some learning too - though this week is a four day week due to the staff development day on Thursday. In maths there is more work to be done on adding and subtracting trickier fractions (improper, mixed numbers and those with different denominators) but we should get on to multiplying and dividing fractions too. I am encouraging the children to use Mathletics at home to improve fluency and so far the results are great but it would nice to see a few more children accessing it from home as we only have 30 minutes a week in school to practise using Mathletics due to our busy timetable.

In English it is time to write our formal letters (in role as Liam's headteacher, Mrs Sass) having looked at sequencing the facts and using formal language. What punishment will the children decide on for Liam? So far it seems that they are keen on being pretty tough so maybe an exclusion - or will they take into account the fact that Mrs Sass made the first mistake and be a little more lenient? Time will tell...


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