A new week in Orange Class!

Last week, in English, the children made a very good start to their learning about information books.  They have enjoyed practising using books to find the answers to simple questions.  This week we will continue our non-fiction work by writing information sentences that include conjunctions.  We will start with 'and' and move on to using 'but' and 'because' too.

In our maths lessons we will continue learning subtraction skills.  We will practise using a number line to count back to find the answer to subtraction sentences.  We will also be completing work on comparing two numbers and finding the 'difference' between them by counting up.

Our science continues with more work on identifying, comparing and describing the materials that a variety of objects are made from.  In Design and Technology we are looking forward to investigating simple levers that make pictures move.

As we are sure you know, we have a staff development day on Thursday the 16th and the children will not be in school on this day.

Friday the 17th is Children in Need day and the children can wear spots and/or pyjamas to school - we're looking forward to a fun-filled day!

Have a good week!

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