The weather has been great to us so far! Even as it is turning colder, we are still able to use our playing fields at break times and for PE. The children really enjoy running and playing on our vast fields.

Last week, our Early Years and Key Stage One teams got together to present two informative afternoons on phonics teaching and learning.  After listening to a presentation that outlined the development of phonics from Reception Class through to Year 2, parents and carers were able to work together with their children in their classrooms, experiencing some of the many activities used to support the teaching of phonics.  Thank you to all who came – your support is greatly appreciated.

Year 6 pupils enjoyed attending a Canterbury Cathedral Schools Day.  They spent a whole day at our cathedral, along with many other schools, experiencing a range of interesting, fun workshops, including drama, stained glass windows and prayer linked to stories from the Bible.  At the end of the day everyone joined in with a service led by children.  It was a pleasure to see our pupils enthusiastically joining in with the activities and their behaviour was exemplary!  Well done Year 6!

When people come to our school to look around, their tour is often led by pupils from our Year 5 and 6 classes.  Visitors regularly comment that they really appreciate our pupil-led tours.  Over the last week, pupils have been practising their ‘tour guide’ skills in preparation for the upcoming open mornings.   We are looking forward to welcoming families as they are shown around our school.

It has been noted that Christmas is on its way!  School singing practises have started to include Carols and little sessions are being slotted into the school week to ensure that the songs for our Early Years and Key Stage One Nativity plays are learned.  Classes are also starting to think about their Christmas trees for our Church Christmas Tree festival.  Just a little bit at a time – but it’s definitely on its way!

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