Week beginning Monday 20th November 201

Well, we have had our last Christmas free week of the term...scary thought for those of you who, like me, have not even thought about the big event!

Anyway, let's not dwell on that.  Thank you to you all for sending in your children looking so fantastically spotty on Friday, they certainly went dotty! A picture will be the website tomorrow when I have been re-educated in how to upload photos on our new system from the ipad.

I had mentioned that we were doing persuasive writing in English,  However, I have changed plans as that was a summer term topic and we need to bridge some gaps in our learning before we hit that so we are focussing on letters this week and looking at the book 'Dear Santa' (back to the C word!)

Maths sees our 3, 4, and 8 times table learning drawing to a close - hoooraay! With putting our learning into context with word problems and real life events.  The children created a fantastic display of arrays to secure our times table at the top of East stairs.  Again, I will post a photo once the Ipad is sorted.

The children are really enjoying Stone Age and surprisingly Rocks in Science - it is always tricky to make rocks interesting but so far I have the children still engaged!

Friday will be Christmas creativity gone mad where we will be making our gift tags for the Christmas Gifts room and making our Christmas tree, along with Blue class, for the church Christmas tree festival.

Please make sure you sign up for parents evening, emails went out last week.

Congratulations to Lily who received a special invite to Golden Club.  Heidi, who won the merit award in assembly, Lowri, who was our class pupil of the week and White table who swept the board for table points.

Please keep sending in junk as, of today, we still do not have enough boxes to start constructing our moving monsters.

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