We have yet another jam-packed and exciting week ahead of us in Yellow S and Yellow R!

In maths we will be learning all about multiplication and we will be using different techniques, such as building and drawing arrays, to help us work out multiplication questions and word problems. 

In English we will be exploring what adverbs are, locating them in texts and writing our own sentences that contain adverbs. We will be using wintry videos and images to support our sentence construction. 


We would like to take this opportunity to wish our agility team the best of luck on Wednesday afternoon, as they will be completing a great number of sports activities against other schools. 

It is not long until our Nativity performances so this week we will be practising our songs and lines. We are all very excited about it and the children can often be heard singing the songs in the playground. 

We will start making our Christmas Tree this week so if you have any green or red plastic milk bottle tops please do bring them in. 

We are looking forward to learning lots this week, 

Miss Spence and Miss Rogers



ReturnNov 19, 2017