Week beginning 27th November.

Sometimes there are just rules which should be observed. Don't put the central heating on until at least mid-November - that's what extra layers are for. Don't expect too much and you'll never be disappointed. When you're "getting on", accept that the world has moved on/left you behind/finds you invisible and let youth have its head (whilst reserving the right to harrumph and roll your eyes and think, "Well, that was always going to be the consequence if anyone had thought it through" in a corner, especially if social media is involved).

Most importantly, don't start Christmas preparations too soon.

Parents' Consultation Evenings, as they are now positioned in the timetable, mark the end of everything being very normal and the advent of festive interruptions.  O.K., so Mrs. Julier has already replaced some French lessons with Choral Christmas preparations and hymn practice has been subsumed into introducing songs for Carol Service, but in the next few weeks Christmas will start to permeate the fabric of the week. There's a tree to be prepared for the church's Christmas Tree Festival. Well, I say "tree"...last year it was a teepee, this year it's a wind chime built around a hat-stand, but you know what I mean. The Bazaar is just over a week away. Tags need to be made for Friday's Gift Room. The choir will have an extra Friday rehearsal and a Sunday performance. A pantomime will be seen. The Woodstock Home will be visited.

The main focus, however, remains on the work. Division with decimals will be taught, followed by an introduction to long division. A narrative will be written combining the simple past, past progressive and past perfect tenses, hopefully with a smattering of modal verbs thrown in for good measure. We will start cosidering the use of the passive and try to avoid the confusion between the formation of the passive and of progressive tenses, given that they both use the verb "to be" as an auxiliary, (I know, I know). We still have various aspects of Saxon life/history to cover and Science and P.E. and R.E. and Geography will roll along without too much disturbance.

Preparations, however, mean that the gun has to be fired at some point and this week is that point.

I look forward to seeing many/most/all of you on Wednesday and Thursday...so prepare the hard questions and I will try to answer them. 

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