Week beginning 27th November

After some mediation, computer and iPad are now on good terms with each other and are seemingly using some sort of telepathy to communicate. In past times, a practice such as that was often frowned upon and would have called for the ducking stool, but apparently that sort of thing is quite acceptable nowadays. Anyway, feel free to check out the images in the gallery.
We have a final push with our fables learning in English this week, where we hope to combine all we have learnt into writing our own fable. So we will be looking for talking animals, with the speech correctly punctuated, and a moral. We will also keep an eye out for those extended sentences we have been practicing. Our maths moves onto division this week, where we will try two methods of calculation to see which is preferred. We are at the planning stage for our DT and the invitations will be going out this week for you to come and sample the finished sandwich.
The week promises to be a fairly normal one, with the exception of an extra practice on Thursday for A Choral Christmas and the PTA Christmas Gifts Room on Friday, details of which have already been given.
Finally, congratulations go to Harry, who received our behaviour award last week.

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