This week is all about 'The Stick Man' by Julia Donaldson.

We will be using this story throughout our learning this week. We will be writing short captions for pictures in the book, drawing story maps to show what happened and writing our own page for the story in Literacy. In Maths we will be focusing on our 1:1 matching when counting and will begin combining amounts (the first step of addition). We will also be looking at how to work out 1 less than a given number. 

In Phonics we will be working on our segmenting and blending skills. We will be encouraging the children to sound button words to help them with their reading. 

Our challenges this week involve lots of different areas:

1. Use the numbered elastic bands to tie together the correct number of sticks.

2. Write a postcard to a friend. Could you write it from Stick Man to his family?

3. Use cubes to measure the height of the Stick Man family.

4. Draw a picture of your family and label it. How is your family the same or different to your friend's family. 

5. Use the twigs, tubes, googly eyes, paper and any other materials you can find to make your own Stick Man.

Asyou can see we will be doing lots of work with twigs so we would really appreciate it if you could collect and send in twigs throughout the week.  

We only have one more full week until our Nativity performance so please keep practising lines at home.

We look forward to an exciting week in Red Class. 

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