Week beginning 04/12/17.

This is the week when Christmas properly starts to leak into the life of the class.

By Wednesday, we need to have our tree for the Christmas Tree Festival at the church ready and there is still many an individual decoration to be twisted into shape. The class will walk their buddies up to church on either Thursday or Friday morning to view the results of the community's collective efforts. Wednesday is also the day of the PTA's Christmas Bazaar where the staff hope to see many a family. We will take a second run at the ringing of harmonised bells for the five carols to be played before and after the morning Carol Service and we will also need to take a first look at casting and arranging the tableaux around which that service will be built. I think, but am not sure, that this might also be the week in which the class receive an interactive presentation from The Family Trust on the subject of the Christmas story...I need to check with Mr. Miller.

Life does still continue, however, and we have reached the Maths topic of area and perimeter which involves a practical application of calculation skills as well as a bit of reasoning when it comes to finding the area and peimeter of complex shapes. History will look at the lives of Saxon families, especially of women and children, and there is some independent writing to be completed. All the other more prosaic parts of weekly classroom life will still persist and Friday will mark the last time homework will be issued this term.

It was good to see all of you last week for the two Parent Consultation Evenings and please don't forget to nag me if I promised to provide you with anything between now and Christmas - my short-term memory is not what I would it was...


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