We have an exciting week ahead of us! 

This week both Yellow classes will be performing their Nativities alongside both Orange classes. We are all very excited to tell the story of the Nativity using the acting and singing skills we have been learning and developing over the past couple of weeks. A huge well done to all children who have been practising their lines at home - it has really shown in rehearsals! 

A big thank you to all those who brought in green and red plastic milk bottle tops. This week we will be putting the finishing touches to our 'recycled tree' and transporting it to the church, where it will be displayed. All Yellows will be visiting the Christmas Tree Festival this week to see their en mass creation on show and see entries from other schools. We are looking forward to seeing all the imaginative and creative Christmas trees, which we are sure will spark even more festive cheer. 

In English this week we will be learning about imperative verbs and we will also be rewriting a story in our purple books to apply all that we have been learning this term. 

In maths we will be learning what division is and how to divide using a variety of methods . We will also be learning that division is not commutative. 

The temperature is dropping so please remember to bring your hats, gloves and scarves to wear at playtimes! 

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