Week beginning Monday 11th December 2017

Christmas really is in full swing at Tunstall.  We enjoyed a very fresh, brisk walk to the church on Friday to look at the Christmas tree festival.  The children seemed to really enjoy it even though we were very cold!

This week, Monday seems 'normal'.  Some children are out at a sports meeting in the morning - if your child is one of them please don't forget that they need to be in school earlier than normal at 8.30am for an 8.45am departure.  The rest of us will have Guided reading followed by our second maths test which will be reasoning and problem solving.  These are normal end of term/unit tests - nothing to worry about.  If the multi-purpose room is free however, we may get in to do something creative for Christmas!

Tuesday is panto time - we will be back later than usual end of day finish.  Please keep an eye out for any texts to advise of different arrival time than the one stipulated in the original letter.  Thank you to those parents that are accompanying us - it is usually a great trip.  I have already been to see the panto and can assure everyone that it is a great one as always.

We will be fitting in normal lessons where we can but this week but with end of term assessments, choral Christmas practise, stone age weapons to make and moving monsters to finish, it will be a slightly chaotic and off time table week - you've got to love Christmas!

We will have a non-school uniform day on Thursday for having fantastic attendance on Thursday 14th and Friday 15th is Christmas jumper day.

Congratulations to Hollie who won our merit award in the celebration assembly.  Jack was our pupil of the week and red table were our table winners.  Well done to Noah who was our handwriting hero.

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