Week beginning 11/12/17.

This week will see an introduction to spotting the passive voice at use in texts and also look at one of the main functions of using it, namely to "conceal the agent". As said, it will only be an introduction - it becomes a main topic next term - but hopefully we have hit upon a way of doing it in a simple and fun context.

Our work on area and perimeter, again in a fun context, should hopefully also reach a conclusion this week, after which we will be able to see how effectively everyone can find the perimeter and areas  of different common and compound shapes. There should be one last Art and one last P.E. lesson this week before the holiday and hopefully Computing will cover the completion of the current Lego-based module. Interruptions do start to come thick and fast now. A number of children will attend the Sportshall Athletics event on Monday afternoon and others the Highsted music event; the pantomime trip takes place on Tuesday and I believe that there may be some Choral Christmas rehearsals in the latter half of the week.

The last homework of the term is now in the wild - no more will be issued this Friday due to the limited amount of time in which to complete and mark it.

I trust everyone's Christmas preparations are going well and hope you will see some of the school's events as a part of your own countdown to the festivities.

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