Details for terms 3 and 4

 Tuesday 2nd January 2018


Dear Parents,


Happy New Year.  We have lots of exciting topics to cover this Spring Term!


Literacy - We will be using the delightful illustrations & books of Philip Ridley to help us practise simple, compound & complex sentences and character profiles using powerful adjectives.  Thank you to those of you that provided the book ‘KrindleKrax’; the children are loving having their own copy to read along with the class. We will eventually create our own stories based around ‘KrindleKrax.’  Next, we will learn about writing recounts using the correct tense.  The final Term 3 topic will be poetry.  The children will investigate and use language to compose performance style poetry. 

We will start term 4 exploring Greek myths, culminating in the class performing their own oral re-telling and writing adaptations using adverbial clauses and commas.  After that, we will study the structure and language features of non-chronological reports before planning, researching and finally composing our report.

To finish the term, we’ll be looking at more traditional poetry which will inspire learning about powerful verbs, verb tenses, adverbs and adverbial phrases. We will use the poems we read as models for writing our own poems. 


Maths - An ongoing topic for the Spring Term will be the recall of multiplication facts for the 2, 3, 4, 5, 8 and 10 times tables.  The class will have weekly multiplication tests to check their learning. It would be really helpful for the children if you could fire random times table questions at them when they least expect it!

This term, we will be focusing on time and measurement, securing our recall of all addition and subtraction facts for each number to 100 and adding and subtracting mentally at speed.  We will make and use tally charts, frequency tables, pictograms and bar charts to organise and interpret information and to represent results.  We will also look further into division once we are stronger on our times tables.

Term 4 will introduce solving word problems involving money, units of length and time and a quick recap on the fractions we covered in term 2.  We will be using the vocabulary of position, direction and movement to describe movement about a grid.  Consolidation of adding and subtracting numbers will continue throughout the term, with a focus on applying these strategies to word problems.  Towards the end of the term, we will begin to use practical and informal written methods to multiply and divide two-digit numbers and round remainders up or down, depending on the context.


Science is all about light and how it is reflected and all about shadows!


Geography (term 3) - We will be looking at volcanoes and earthquakes, which is always an interesting topic for the children.


Computing - In term 3 we will be ‘Video Presenters!’ moving on to being ‘Network Engineers’ in term 4.


RE – Our topic for the Spring Term is Christianity, starting with the parable of The Unforgiving Servant progressing to the Sermon on the Mount for Easter.


Design & Technology/Art and Design - In DT (Term 4) we will be investigating designing, making and evaluating techniques as we design and make Photoframes.  This involves sawing wood and using a vice to accurately join it all together.  Art (Term 3) will look at patterns and aboriginal art.


PE – We start this term with gymnastics for indoor PE and Outdoor Adventurous Activities for outdoors – weather permitting!


French – We will be learning how to talk about birthday celebrations, body parts and colours.


Music – We will be using working really hard on mastering the recorder for a performance later on in the year at the Recorder festival in Maidstone and then learning how to make a rhythmic beat in the theme of ‘Building’.


We hope this will be a great term and we thank you in advance for your support in your child’s learning.


Please make sure children always have PE kits in school and if they have a sporty after school activity then a separate kit for that activity should be provided.


Children can bring pencil cases in this term but as previously mentioned, please ensure they will fit in tray.

We had lots and lots of jumpers lost and left last term.  Please, please make sure they have an up to date label in them. 


Kind regards

Mrs Black


ReturnJan 2, 2018