Week beginning Monday 8th January 2018.

Hello again.

We hit the ground running on Thursday with a GPS assessment, equivalent fractions, the use of the passive voice, William the Conqueror and means of describing people's characters in French. This week, we will expand on the first four of those. The once two-part early work tasks will now become four-part early work tasks (GPS work, comprehension, mental maths and worded Maths problems); equivalent fractions will expand to absorb its topical twin "simplifying" or "cancelling down" fractions; we will begin the process of knowing how to turn active voice sentences into passive voice equivalents and vice versa; and our look at William will take in the Domesday Book.

Christmas has now been well and truly consigned to the past so event interruptions are behind us and full focus is now back on the academic work. The first of the new-style homework tasks has been issued - please let me know in the first couple of weeks how well or badly I have initially pitched these - and, once the resources have arrived, DT tasks will replace Art from before the holiday.

We are also having a renewed push on the presentation of work and looking to up the work rate and decrease the chat!

Thank you the many and varied Christmas gifts - appreciated but, of course, unnecessary: we are simply doing our jobs... 

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