Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you...

As said, a pretty ordinary week...almost. We will continue to put colons and semi-colons to practical use in English as we complete party invitations and write up drama as an assessment whilst expanding comprehension experience too. More little bits and pieces will form the focus of Maths lessons as we continue to revise all we know in an attempt to resurrect bits and pieces of knowledge that have become a little dusty and rusty. In computing we will start a new topic, namely that of constructing a simple web page, and Mrs. Patching will lead us all in our first fitness class of the season; and by all, I do mean all (me included).

Friday afternoon, weather permitting, is where a change occurs. As you will know, the PTA have kindly organised a 90th Birthday Picnic in honour of the Queen: nothing says royalty like rounders, ice cream, crisps, sandwiches and a bouncy castle. Please remember that the last bit takes place after 3.30 by which point parental permission for participation will have kicked in: no parent, no bouncing! (It's not often you get to write a phrase lie that - maybe I should trademark it).

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