We are looking forward to lots of fun in Orange Class as we begin our first full week of the term.

Welcome back!  We hope that you all had a lovely Christmas break and wish you a very HAPPY NEW YEAR.  

We really enjoyed our first two days back last week - hearing about everyone's Christmas fun and starting to work on our new topics.

In Literacy we will be developing our understanding of Traditional Tales for the next few weeks.  We started with Little Red Riding Hood last week and will be continuing with this story this week too.  We will be looking at story settings and characters as well as continuing to practise using descriptive language and punctuation in our work.  

Our Maths topic is 'Place Value' and we will be starting off with counting in tens, adding ten to a number and developing our ability to use a 100 square to make calculations.  Later in the week we will be practising breaking numbers down into tens and ones.

In our Science lessons we will continue with our topic 'Materials' and will start the term by investigating what happens to materials when they are heated - this will, of course, involve chocolate and jelly!!  Our Art lessons this term will also revolve around materials as we develop understanding of weaving and look at materials, such as fabric and wool, that are suitable to make our own colourful, textured weavings.

We are all looking forward to a lovely week!

Mrs Scargill, Mrs Jenkins, Mrs Buchanan, Mrs Heather and Miss Kirkwook

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