Week beginning Monday 15th January 2018

We managed a full week of the new year and what a lot we packed into it, by Thursday we had the whole world in our hand, literally!

We have a student teacher with us until the week of March 12th.  Mr Mcrae is on his final placement and already the children really seem to like him.  Mr Mcrae will teach maths for the week focussing on division by partitioning.

English continues with Krindlekrax, loved already by the children.  We are shoehorning an extra grammar lesson each Friday afternoon as grammar seems an area that the children consistently forget the basics!  So, we will start by revisiting subordinate clauses.

We will continue with volcanoes in Geography looking at where in the world they are and some key facts about them, this lesson will be taught by Mr Mcrae.

We are looking at patterns in Art and the children's homework was all based on finding and copying some or taking photos of some patterns either in nature or in the home.

We are looking at The Parable of the Mustard Seed and the children will bring a mustard seed home to plant.  Last year we had a champion plant at over 2 metres tall - will any green fingers beat it this year.

Congratulations to Louie who won our merit award in assembly on Friday.  Green table were our table winners again!

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