Week beginning 15th January 2018.

Dispirate topics this week. Using our developing knowledge of finding equivalent fractions, partly by simplifying them, we will attempt some addition and subtraction this week: initially sticking to fractions with a shared denominator and then working on those where the denominators diverge. It's all about applying the new rule of "whatever you do to one number, you must do to the other". Focus in English turns to punctuation, starting with commas and inverted commas - it's not exciting, but it's vital. In History, we will turn last week's drama work into posters depicting the feudal system, William I's transformational system of patronage and responsibility which established the power of the monarchy for hundreds of years. DT will see a little more titivation to the cardboard cams and followers machines and then the beginning of the construction of the more precise wooden models. Under the category of "any other business", we will spend one lesson formulating a display for the hall on the school value subject of forgiveness...and the applicants for the vacant roles of dinner hall helpers will discover the verdicts on their applications. Successful candidates can then anticipate a bit of training.

All in all, a bit of a disconnected week thematically but with a bit of unity achieved through the becoming-established carousel of tasks at the start of the day revolving around GPS tasks, guided reading and comprehension, mental maths tasks and some more in-depth worded questions. Let's get started.

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