Now that she has got to know the class, this week Miss Gilder will be taking over the teaching of maths, geography and grammar though she will still have Mrs Wilde and myself to support her in the classroom.

In maths we are continuing with decimals: this week we will be revisiting the multiplication and division of decimal numbers by integers and by 10/100/1000 before moving on to decimal remainders in division and problem solving.

We are still working on our Lego information texts in English and hopefully, by the end of the week, will have our completed articles having edited/redrafted. Our grammar focus this week is prepositions  - though as English is a tricky language, some words can be used as both prepositions and conjunctions, so we will learn how to identify which word class we are dealing with. 

In geography we will be investigating different types of climate and specifically the climates in the countries of South America since some are close to the Equator while others are close to the South Pole.

Let's hope for better weather this week so that our outdoor PE session can actually take place outdoors!


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