This week we hope to prove Pablo Picasso right and the parents can be the judge of that on Friday afternoon when our work will be available to view.

The theme for arts week is the football World Cup with different classes doing art based on a participating country -  and our country is Brazil as it links nicely to our South America geography topic. 

Monday 'kicks off' with a demonstration of football skills with a professional footballer, then on Tuesday morning we get to practise those football skills. 

During the week we will design our own t-shirt, create a Kandinsky inspired tile for a whole school display, make a Mardi Gras headdress, recreate Christ the Redeemer in clay and bake Brigadeiros. We may even have time for some Romero Britto inspired pop art.

We will still be squeezing in maths and English - decimal/fraction/percentage conversions and equivalences and percentages of amounts in maths and planning then starting to write a suspense story based on the short film Alma in English.

All in all, a fun week ahead.

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