During Arts Week each class is learning about a different country that will be in this year's World Cup. This Week Red B will be learning about Costa Rica and Red M will be learning about Spain.

Both classes will be learning about some key artists such as Kandinsky and creating tiles to contribute to a whole school display. We will also be decorating our own t-shirts with our country's name. We will also be taking part in a football skills workshop on Monday - we can't wait!

In Red B we will be learning about different aspects of Costa Rican life and culture. We will be learning about the story of the banana and exactly where they come from and the journey they take to get to us. We will be decorating paper plates, taking inspiration from the Costa Rican ox cart wheels. We will be looking at the wildlife that lives in the rainforest in Costa Rica and making our own fact files based on these. We will be tasting some fruits which can be found in this country and deciding whether we like them or not and thinking of words to describe them. Throughout the week, as the name may lead you to believe, we will be completing various pieces of Art to display for you in our gallery on Friday afternoon. 

Hola! In Red M we will be learning all about Spain! We will be designing and painting our own little Spanish pots, looking carefully at some examples to take inspiration. We will be creating our own paper-mosaic lizards and using a range of materials to collage the Spanish flag. As well as our football session this week we will also turn our hands (and feet!) to Flamenco dancing, having a go at some of the basics! On Friday we will celebrate all of our Spanish learning and make our own maracas. We look forward to a busy and craft-y week!

Watch this space for photos of what we get up to throughout this week!

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