Week beginning 29/01/18.

Arts Week is over so back to the grindstone we go! We'll pick up our survey of punctuation in use in a narrative context, imitating sentences showcasing different demarcation and altering the subject or the theme in order to enforce this. Back to fractions we go, initially revising finding fractions of amounts, before introducing percentages and looking at the link between the two and starting the process of working out percentages of amounts.. In History, our study of the changing power of the monarchy will look at the strange death of William II in the New Forest in 1100 - will the class be able to use the clues to pin-point what happened and who was at fault? It's back to the construction of the second of our three cams and followers machines in DT and the first use of hand-drills comes into play this week. Continuing throughout will be the slow input of grammar and punctuation terms and the drip-drip of unpacking worded Maths reasoning questions and comprehension texts.

We will of course be welcoming many parents into class on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons and the hope is that you will be able to engage with your children's learning during those two hours. See many of you soon.

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