Week beginning Monday 29th January 2018

What a fabulous and exhausting week we had!  The children created some fantastic art pieces that will be on display in our classrooms during our open afternoons.  Thank you to all those that helped and came to see the creations on Friday afternoon - it was far busier than anticipated hence why you will have another opportunity to see the work on Tuesday or Thursday.

This week is back to 'normal'.  We will continue with Krindlekrax in English focussing on speech marks and story sequencing this week.  Mr Mcrae (our student teacher) will be taking on more lessons this week in the form of RE and French as well as maths.

Maths will continue with more short division to ensure the children have secured the method before moving on to time - always a challenge!  Please encourage your child to tell you the time as and when you can!

Science continues with our 'Light' topic where we will be investigating how different size shadows are created depending on where the sun is at any point during the day.

RE is still on the parables but this week we will be looking at The Workers in The Vineyard.

Geography is about the different parts of the volcano and how the tectonic plates affect the volcanoes.  We may even have a little eruption in the form of a chemical reaction to see some 'lava' flowing.

We had a few children last week without trainers so please ensure they are always in school as the children miss out on their PE lesson without them. 

Congratulations to Sadie who won our merit award in assembly this week.  Sadie is a fantastic role model and could win the award every week as she always makes the right choices and follows our school rules.  Well done Sadie.  We didn't get round to doing the table winners or pupil of the week as my little Egyptians were a little slow getting themselves ready at the end of the day.  We will do this on Monday.

I look forward to seeing you on either Tuesday or Thursday afternoon.  (Tuesday is Science and Thursday is Geography).

ps I will upload some photos from Arts Week during the week. 


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